Four weeks! That is how long I have been staring at my list of “why” and contemplating what I’m going to do about it. For some, this can be a significantly easy task; yet, for others like me it can be the most difficult in the goal setting process.

The reason so many people lose momentum and are unsuccessful at their goals is because they create a list of what they are going to do without any understanding of why these items are important. This was my mistake a few years ago when I started making my goals. Instead, I found that if I begin with the “why,” then my convictions and desires motivate my routine, and my success rate skyrockets (read the article on “why” by click here).

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There’s a saying my wife and I have when January 1st roles around: we don’t make resolutions, we set goals. Of course, their vastly different between the two of us, but we have both come to the conclusion that resolutions just don’t work. Resolutions focus on the “what” and completely bypass the two other components: the “why” and the “how.”

Before we determine the “what” we have to first discover the “why” and later we’ll look at the “how.”

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